Start Your Mobile Brand. Essential MVNO Guides & Resources

MVNO Index introduction

If you’re looking to launch a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) or Mobile Brand, MVNO Index is the one-stop resource you’ve been searching for. This website provides a centralized hub of information, designed to guide you through the entire process, from initiating your MVNO/Mobile Brand to achieving success. Recognizing the challenges of scattered resources, MVNO Index offers informative content alongside comprehensive listings. Find vendors, solution providers, and companies offering essential services like consultancy, training, and project support. Additionally, explore a curated list of relevant industry events to stay informed. Finally, a handy glossary ensures you’ll understand all the essential telecom terms and abbreviations you’ll encounter along the way.

MVNO Information

Lot’s of information for (new) MVNEs, MVNOs,  Mobile Brands and IOT providers. Divided in different sections. For example about to start your own MVNO (Mobile Brand).

Start your MVNO

Much info for Companies & Entrepreneurs who want to move into the Mobile world but do not know how to begin. Like how start, create a business, marketing & financial plan, and more.

MVNO Business Models

Various different business models for different markets. Including: Pricing, ARPU, Usage, Go-To-Market, Financing, Segments, Type of MVNO, Expected Time to Launch, and more.

Generic Information

Related Information for your Mobile Brand (MVNO). Such as Wholesale Agreements, Roaming, a Mobile App, Artificial Intelligence and more.


The OSS and BSS explained including the differences, synergy and the Mobile Core Network. The BSS and OSS are very important for your Mobile business.

SIM (Cards)

The SIM Cards, eSIM and iSIM play a key role in your Mobile Brand. We explain why this is the case. And give all the details of the different types including all the features and difference.

MVNO Vendors

A global list of MVNO, MVNE, MVNA, IOT Vendors (Solution providers) and Wholesale providers, to make it easy for you to find the right one.

MVNO Events

A list of related and interesting MVNO (Mobile brand), Telecom, IOT, MVNE and Wholesale Events. Visit them it might help you!

MVNO Services

List of international companies which offer MVNO/E/A/IOT Services such as: MVNO Training, MVNO Consultancy, MVNO Project support, MVNO Analyze