Start a Roaming MVNOs (Mobile Brands) Redefining International Connectivity (travel sim)

Introduction about Starting a Roaming MVNO (Mobile Brands)

Roaming MVNOs provide advanced lower cost roaming solutions, allowing subscribers to have multiple “virtual” local numbers and identities in different networks, more importantly also better and lower Data rates. thereby benefiting from local rates instead of roaming charges.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Roaming MVNOs?

Advantages: Roaming MVNOs provide advanced, lower cost roaming solutions, allowing subscribers to have multiple “virtual” local numbers and identities in different networks, benefiting from local rates instead of roaming charges.

Disadvantages: Complex negotiations with international carriers and regulatory challenges in different countries demand expertise and strategic partnerships.

What are the Revenue sources and Pricing strategy ?

Revenue Sources: Generates income from providing lower cost roaming solutions, allowing subscribers to have virtual local numbers and identities in different networks.

Pricing Strategy: Offers transparent, competitive pricing for international roaming, often lower than traditional carriers’ roaming charges.

What are suitable segments/markets?

  • International Travelers: Offering global roaming services for tourists and business travelers, allowing them to have local numbers and data access in multiple countries.
  • Frequent Flyers: Providing roaming services for frequent flyers, enabling them to maintain a consistent number and data connection while traveling across continents.
  • Business Executives: Offering roaming solutions for business executives, allowing them to stay connected with clients and colleagues while traveling internationally.
  • Digital Nomads: Catering to digital nomads with global roaming plans, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for remote work and travel.
  • Expatriates: Providing roaming services for expatriates, allowing them to have virtual local numbers from their home country while residing abroad.
  • Holidaymakers: Offering roaming services for vacationers, ensuring they can use their phones and data without incurring exorbitant international charges.
  • International Students: Providing roaming solutions for international students, enabling them to stay connected with family and friends in their home country while studying abroad.
  • Diplomats and Embassy Staff: Catering to diplomats and embassy staff with secure global roaming services, ensuring confidential communication channels in different countries.
  • Multinational Corporations: Offering tailored roaming solutions for multinational corporations, enabling seamless communication for employees working across various countries.
  • World Travel Enthusiasts: Providing global roaming services for travel enthusiasts exploring different countries, ensuring they have access to local numbers and data services wherever they go.
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What kind of Mobile bundles are typically used for Roaming MVNOs?

Data: Moderate to high demand for navigation, communication, and social media usage while traveling. Use case: Maps and navigation, staying connected with family, social media updates.


Voice: Moderate to high demand for voice calls while traveling. Use case: International calls, travel-related calls.

SMS: Moderate demand for essential communication while roaming. Use case: Travel updates, emergencies, communication with local services.

What kind of ARPU can you expect?

ARPU: Moderate to high.

Why: Roaming MVNOs provide advanced lower cost roaming solutions, attracting travelers who need affordable international connectivity. Customers pay for the convenience of using their phones abroad without hefty roaming charges.

Where It Is Based On: ARPU is based on international roaming services, offering local rates instead of traditional roaming charges.

You need to work out the details in your Financial Plan.

MVNO Index - Arpu- business Model MVNO / Mobile Brand

What is the Go-to-Market Strategy for Roaming MVNOs?

MVNO Index - Go to market - business Model MVNO / Mobile Brand

Partner with travel agencies and airlines to target frequent travelers. Promote the flexibility of virtual local numbers and transparent, competitive pricing. Provide detailed guides on using services abroad, ensuring subscribers understand the benefits of avoiding hefty roaming charges. Offer incentives like discounted international call rates for new subscribers, encouraging them to choose the convenience of roaming MVNO services.


  • Target Audience: International travelers, frequent flyers, and businesses requiring affordable international roaming solutions.
  • Pricing Strategy: Competitive rates for international roaming, multiple virtual local numbers, and flexible plans for different travel durations.
  • Distribution Channels: International airports, travel agencies, and partnerships with airlines for in-flight promotions.
  • Promotion: Travel-related promotions, airport lounge access for subscribers, and exclusive travel packages.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 international roaming support, multilingual support teams, and personalized travel advice for subscribers.

What are points to think of for the Marketing Plan?

Targets specific ethnic communities through ethnic media, community events, and partnerships with cultural organizations. You need to work out below points in your Marketing Plan.

USP: Affordable international roaming, multiple virtual local numbers, and personalized travel support.

Content Creation: Travel guides for popular destinations, language translation apps recommendations, and cultural insights for travelers.

Promotions: Discounts on international data packages, free access to travel apps, and exclusive offers from travel partners.

Partnerships: Partner with airlines for in-flight promotions, collaborate with travel bloggers for destination-specific content, and work with travel agencies for joint promotional events.

Feedback Loop: Gather feedback from travelers about network coverage in various countries, usefulness of travel-related content, and overall satisfaction with international roaming services.

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What kind of financing is to be expected for Roaming MVNOs?

MVNO Index - Financing - business Model MVNO / Mobile Brand

Financing: Moderate to High

Roaming MVNOs focus on affordable international roaming solutions. Investment is required for partnerships with international carriers, competitive roaming rates negotiation, and customer support for travelers.

Finance needs depend on the scale of roaming agreements and promotional activities.

You need to work the details in your Financial Plan.

What kind of MVNO type is typically used for Roaming MVNOs?

MVNO Type: Light MVNO

Roaming MVNOs focus on providing cost-effective roaming solutions. Light MVNOs offer enough flexibility to negotiate international roaming agreements and customize roaming packages while leveraging existing infrastructure for operational efficiency.

See also: Different types of MVNOs

What is the expected time to launch?

Expected Time to Launch: 6-18 months

Roaming MVNOs focus on negotiating international roaming agreements, creating cost-effective roaming packages, and providing personalized travel support. Building partnerships with international carriers and ensuring seamless roaming services require time and effort.

You might be able to expedite the launch process with a specific Strategy: For example, negotiate international roaming agreements in advance. Utilize API integrations with global carriers for seamless network transitions. Implement automated billing systems for real-time usage tracking.

What is the expected impact of 5G for Roaming MVNOs?

5G networks ensure consistent high-speed connectivity in various regions. Roaming MVNOs can offer travelers seamless access to high-speed data, enabling real-time navigation, social media updates, and multimedia streaming while roaming. For more details see the Mobile Network section.

What is the expected impact of eSIM for Roaming MVNOs?

eSIMs enable effortless global connectivity. Roaming MVNOs can offer international eSIMs, allowing travelers to switch networks seamlessly without physical SIM card changes. This convenience enhances the travel experience, promoting the MVNO’s appeal to globetrotters. For more details see the SIM section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Roaming MVNOs overcome regulatory challenges and navigate complex negotiations with international carriers to ensure seamless service delivery for subscribers?

Answer: Roaming MVNOs can overcome regulatory challenges and negotiate effectively with international carriers by leveraging legal expertise, establishing strategic partnerships, and adopting agile negotiation strategies. By proactively monitoring regulatory developments and complying with international telecommunications laws, MVNOs can mitigate legal risks and ensure regulatory compliance. Additionally, fostering collaborative relationships with international carriers and regulatory authorities facilitates constructive dialogue and promotes mutually beneficial agreements. Moreover, implementing transparent communication channels and flexible negotiation tactics enables MVNOs to address diverse stakeholder interests and navigate complex regulatory landscapes successfully.

2. Besides offering competitive pricing for international roaming, how can Roaming MVNOs differentiate their offerings and enhance subscriber value?

Answer: In addition to competitive pricing, Roaming MVNOs can differentiate their offerings by providing value-added services such as personalized travel support, enhanced network coverage, and exclusive travel perks. By offering comprehensive travel guides, language translation apps, and cultural insights, MVNOs can enhance the travel experience and cater to the unique needs of international travelers. Additionally, partnering with travel bloggers, destination-specific content creators, and local service providers enables MVNOs to offer curated travel experiences and insider tips to subscribers. Moreover, offering exclusive discounts on travel-related services, airport lounge access, and VIP travel packages enhances subscriber value and promotes brand loyalty.

3. How can Roaming MVNOs leverage partnerships with travel agencies, airlines, and cultural organizations to expand market reach and drive subscriber growth?

Answer: Roaming MVNOs can leverage partnerships with travel agencies, airlines, and cultural organizations to access new distribution channels, target niche customer segments, and enhance brand visibility. By collaborating with travel agencies and airlines, MVNOs can offer bundled travel packages, in-flight promotions, and exclusive discounts to subscribers, driving customer acquisition and retention. Similarly, partnering with cultural organizations, ethnic media outlets, and community events enables MVNOs to target specific ethnic communities, promote cultural awareness, and tailor marketing campaigns to diverse audience preferences. Moreover, participating in industry events, sponsoring travel-related initiatives, and hosting experiential marketing activations facilitates brand exposure and fosters community engagement, further expanding market reach and driving subscriber growth.

4. Besides targeting international travelers, what other niche segments can Roaming MVNOs explore to diversify revenue streams and drive business growth?

Answer: In addition to targeting international travelers, Roaming MVNOs can explore niche segments such as expatriates, global businesses, luxury travelers, and adventure enthusiasts to diversify revenue streams and drive business growth. By offering tailored roaming solutions for expatriates, MVNOs can provide virtual local numbers, language-specific services, and cross-border communication solutions to facilitate seamless integration into new countries and cultures. Similarly, targeting global businesses with enterprise-grade roaming services, secure communication channels, and centralized billing solutions enables MVNOs to address corporate mobility needs and capitalize on business travel demand. Moreover, catering to luxury travelers with premium concierge services, VIP travel perks, and exclusive travel experiences enhances subscriber value and fosters brand differentiation in the competitive travel market.

5. How can Roaming MVNOs optimize their financial planning and investment strategies to support sustainable growth and profitability?

Answer: Roaming MVNOs can optimize their financial planning and investment strategies by conducting comprehensive market analysis, identifying key growth opportunities, and prioritizing resource allocation effectively. By leveraging financial forecasting models, scenario planning techniques, and risk management frameworks, MVNOs can assess market dynamics, anticipate competitive threats, and develop strategic initiatives to capitalize on emerging trends. Additionally, optimizing cost structures, diversifying revenue streams, and implementing performance metrics enables MVNOs to enhance operational efficiency, maximize profitability, and sustain long-term growth. Moreover, fostering strategic partnerships, securing financing arrangements, and monitoring capital expenditure ensures adequate funding for expansion initiatives and investment in core business priorities, supporting sustainable growth and value creation for stakeholders.


In summary, Roaming MVNOs provide a valuable service for frequent international travelers by offering cost-effective and convenient mobile connectivity abroad. Competitive rates, flexible data packages, and readily available travel SIM cards make staying connected while traveling a seamless experience. However, securing roaming agreements with international operators and ensuring sufficient network coverage in popular destinations are crucial challenges that Roaming MVNOs must continually address to maintain a competitive edge.

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